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Setup Grandstream HandyTone from Command Line

I try to make use of DHCP boot options to have telephony devices automatically reach out to their provisoining server, but it is not always possible. If you find yourself needing to setup a Grandstream HandyTone (or most of their phones) you do not need to log into the web interface to do it. Instead they have SSH enabled by default, so it is very easy. Open your preferred terminal application and ssh in as admin to the IP of the device. The defualt password is also admin. ssh [email protected] Grandstream HT802 Command Shell Copyright 2006-2018 [email protected]'s password: GS> Here is a list of the available commands for the HT802.

Automating Installation of FreePBX 15

So, one of my personal passions has long been VoIP (Voice over IP). I’ve been using it for years and years to run my online D&D campaign. But in the last few years, I have seem to have made a name for myself in the business aaplicatoins of VoIP. Most notably with Asterisk and FreePBX. Because of that, my boss has decided to try a marketing blitz advertising the company’s ability to help businesses figure out what is the best phone solutoin for them. Like all companies, we are hopeful that this will turn in to a bunch of work. To make it easier to get a new system turned up in a reliable manner, I have finally started scripting out my process of install FreePBX.

Time to try again

I always mean to keep up with a blog or something on this domain, but I seem to always let it stagnate. So here we go again. Let’s see how I do this time around. I decided to try using Hugo, a static site generator, to create the site. Then hosting it on GitLab using the GitLab Pages functionality. I really like what I am seeing with Hugo so far. Thanks to John Hooks for turning me on to this. Don’t be surprised if this changes a few times as I keep chaning my mind on a theme that I like.